Tips for healthy pregnancy during monsoon!

People eagerly wait for monsoon season as it helps you get relief from the intense summer heat. But the season can also make you susceptible to various infections and communicable diseases. And if you are pregnant, you need to be extra careful to stay away from complications.

Here are some tips to have a safe pregnancy:

Avoid street foods

Street foods are a strict no during pregnancy as they can be contaminated and pose an enormous threat to the health of your baby.


Wear comfortable shoes

You should always wear comfortable shoes that have an excellent grip and won’t slip.

Drink clean and filtered water

Always drink boiled and filtered water as water-borne diseases are very common in the monsoon. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration, which is a common problem during pregnancy.

Wear loose clothes

One should wear comfortable and loose clothes during this season as you can sweat more than you do in summer because of the increasing humidity. The foetal stage is considered to be hypersensitive to bear the temperature fluctuations in the mother’s body

Wash and sanitise

Whenever you step out in the rain always wash your hands and feet after coming back home and sanitise as often as you can because rainwater mixed with sewage water and dirt can lead to infections.

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