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Callthedoc Corporate Wellness Program


Happy and Stress-free; this would be the goal of every single soul on this earth, isn’t it? But, easier said than done, right? More so in a country like India where the society is growing socio-economically with both men and women tasting financial independence and corporate success much earlier in their lives. This success unfortunately comes for a price – high work pressure and cut-throat competition leads to very young people falling prey to unhealthy food habits and sedentary lifestyles. There are late night parties that add to the damage to their bodies. And remaining harm is done by various chemical treatments most of them end up subjecting their hair, skin and body in an effort to look younger, fresher every day.

With the objective to assess the health of corporate employees Callthedoc Personalized Wellness Program is been introduced. This program helps in identifying potential health risks, daily nutrition, fitness and lifestyle habits - Alighting to plan ahead and make lifestyle changes, to seek a healthy life.


  • With an avg. 60 hrs work a week, Indian employees have the longest working hrs (Ref. WHO)
  • 25% of heart attacks in Indian men hit those younger than 40. (Ref: Indian Heart Association)
  • 43% had a skewed body mass index (BMI), and 30% were at risk of diabetes and hypertension in India. (Ref: 2016 Edition Report of Optum’s Health Risk Assessment Tool)
  • A whopping 95% of Indian reporting high levels of stress during working hours. (Ref: 2018 Cigna-TTK survey)
  • 42% of Indian business leaders have serious concerns about the impact of chronic illnesses on revenue, profitability and productivity. (Ref: WEF/Harvard study)
  • 25% of participants is in drug of abuse category (Alcohol, Tobacco, Smoking). Most of them mentioned office stress is the major reason (Ref. Callthedoc healthcare).
  • Participants from all age group are at 53% risk. In age bracket of 25-40 yrs this risk is even higher that is 60% (Ref. Callthedoc healthcare).

Callthedoc Corporate Wellness Program Findings

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graph 01

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Clients Gratitude

Mr. Surendra Singh Rathor

RM Sales, Nexa

Mr. Ismail Shah

Sales Manager, Tata motors

"Buying medicine online was not an easy decision, as authenticity and satisfaction of buying genuine medicines are the most important factor then the discounts/offers. I tried Callthedoc first time and it was a smooth & Good Experience, Nice offers, authentic medicine and timely delivery. Thanks Callthedoc."

Devi Bhatia, 74 years
Retired Person
( Medicine Customer )

"I got knowledge about full body check up done by the callthedoc lab through my friend .After that I booked the test and the whole experience was very good, Starting from timely sample collection from a professional & well behaved Phlebotomist to report delivery. The Personalized health guide concept is very unique and helpful & it comes with a diet chart prepared by a certified dietician. Thanks team Callthedoc & I will recommend it to all."

Vinod, 29 years
Assistant Officer
( Lab Customer )

"Product is DELICIOUS!!! Timely Delivered, Amazing packaging and it's really Organic. Mix Seeds are natural and copper bottle is of good quality , worth every penny."

N.R Sogani, 63 years
Retired Person
( H&W Customer )

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